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You can't just get training from any New Age book and expect it to work!

People have different levels of sensitivities, just as they do with the physical senses.

Don't discount somebody else's perception as simply being crazy. Hollywood got this part right at least.


the intangible


All workings are done under the authority of the Hierarchy of Light and GOD

I do not provide paranormal investigations. I know that things exist and I deal with them. What is the point of trying to empirically prove that there's something there, if you can't fix the problem with the data you collected?


the situation

Jason is a

3rd Step Ceremonial Master

Initiated Wicca High Priest

Celtic Shamanic High Priest


the problem


Ottawa Exorcist

Sacred rituals, ceremonies and techniques that are very very old and powerful. Used to assist you in your life.



Entities must be dealt with regardless of the intensity of activity. Just like "spirit boards" or cursed items must be safely disposed of.

Magick, séances and spirits are not something to dabble or experiment with. Sure it gives me business, but I much rather not clean up your mess and put my life on the line.


About Me

Have your situation assessed. Hollywood style possessions are extremely rare. Low level encounters such as ghost sightings/hauntings are common but should be dealt with nonetheless.

to your "supernatural" problems

Ottawa Exorcist Exorcism


You’ve made an important and wise decision.

Spiritual Services and Products

               In Person  Appointment ONLY 

  • 24 Strand DNA Activation

  • Emotional Cord Cutting

  • Ceremonial Healings

  • Etheric Surgery

  • Curse Removal

  • House / Land Clearing

  • Entity Removal

  • Exorcism

  • and more...