Spiritual Services and Products

Ottawa Exorcist

               In Person  Appointment ONLY 

Courses available to the Public

Adept Program (this is the foundational course needed to participate in Post Adept Course)

12 Races of Earth 

Divine Geometries

Astral Travel

Gifts of the Spirit Basic  *Adept Level Highly Recommended*

Galactic Ray Healing Modality

Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah

Elemental Alchemy

Sacred Altar

Celtic Shamanic Evening

Wicca Initiation Program

Meditation Basics

Adam Kadmon Seminar with Activation *Group*

Post Adept Courses

Adept II (Energy Basics)

Spiritual and Energetic Hygiene I (Covers rituals and techniques to deal with ghost, protection and cord cutting)

Introduction to the Ceremonial Master Program

24 Strand DNA Activation Practitioner

Etheric Healing I

Unified Chakra Awakening

Starseed Healing

if sufficient demand, other courses maybe be offered via special invitation for those that meet the qualification to attend.