Ceremonial Healing Modalities - $2250

‚ÄčA series of 9 Healings that build on each other, done within 5-7days from the last session for optimum benefits

            Tree of Life Healing - Activates the Tree of Life within the energetic body

            Seal of Solomon Healing - Heals the 7 Directions

            Tone Healing - Heals the energy of the Chakra System

            Aura Healing - Heals the 7 Layers of the Aura

            Purification by Light Healing - Attachments not of the Light, are sent into the Light

            Forgiveness Healing - Heals the 7 Bodies (developmental stages of growth, infant, child...)

            Perception Healing - Clears out the excess stimulation of the senses

            Starseed Healing - See above menu, can be done as a stand alone healing

            Unified Chakra Awakening - See above menu, can be done as a stand alone healing



               In Person  Appointment ONLY 

Spiritual Services and Products

Ottawa Exorcist

Exorcism Consultation - $100

A consultation for services. (in person only)

Used to determine if an exorcism,  would be of aid.  Referral to see a psychiatrist or other medical professional may be given, as not everything is supernatural or can be fixed spiritually.

24 Strand DNA Activation (Adam Kadmon) - includes Energetic Balancing and Elixirs $330

DNA is more than just the physical blueprint of living things. It is a multimedia storage device, coded by light. It contains all the information of what you have done since the birth of your spirit. It contains the information of your spiritual lineage, spiritual gifts, Life Purpose for this incarnation, relationship contracts, past incarnations and emanations... It is the blueprint of who you are, as a Divine Being. This empowerment, activates and strengthens your etheric DNA, clears energetic debris from the DNA. Enables your physical body to hold more light and energy from the Divine Realms. It is the process of activation for the Light Body, with this Activation, there is potential to attain 80% light quotient in the body vs less than 20% without, for the average person.

Some of the benefits according to Archangel Metatron include:

  • Gives you more Energy and Clarity
  • Strengthens your Immune System
  • Brings in and allows you to hold more light/energy in the physical body
  • Assists in releasing of Unconscious Patterns
  • Increases your ability to use more of your brain power
  • Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities
  • Aligns you with your Soul Purpose
  • Creates the greatest potential for full connection and integration with your Higher Self
  • Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns (affects ancestors and descendants for 3-4 generations, as well as current lateral lineage)

The Elixir is a AM and PM dose of Vibrational Water designs to assist the body in flushing out toxins released from by the increase in the body's vibrational rate. It allows for a smoother transition into the last evolutionary step for Mankind. The Adam Kadmon, The 7th Root Race

Emotional Cord Cutting - $33

Emotional cords are  energetic links between you and other people. They allow two people to be in contact with each other at all times. This explains when you "know" something has just happened to a specific person, or most commonly, when you think of someone and they call you shortly after.  Negative cords can form due to traumatic experiences, betrayal, guilt, anger, depression, loss... Energy flows between along these cords to other people whether they are close or you haven't seen each other in a couple of years. Some people are energetic leeches, they drain you and even more so when you interact with them, most aren't even aware that they are doing this. Cutting the cords allows you to reclaim your energy! It is an energetic reset button for your relationships, it allows you to change the dynamic of a relations to something positive should you want to continue a relationship with a certain person. Cords will normally fade after several years of no contact  or death, leaving one end vulnerable to entity attachment. A cord cutting in a neat, surgical approach with quick healing. A great example would be after a death, the grieving process will slowly dissolve the energetic cord over several years, a cord cutting will accelerate the grieving process to a much shorter time frame. I highly recommend a cord cutting twice a years to minimize the drama in your life caused by others. More frequently if you work in the service industry or have a job that requires you to deal with lots of people, especially those difficult people that you deal with regularly.

Energetic Balancing - $175

Crown cap removal if necessary, balancing of the elemental lines, balancing of the magnetic lines, energetic balancing. 16 Petal Lotus Balancing (these are the 16 Gates of the body that bring in Air, Water, Fire and Earth within the etheric body.

Etheric Surgery -$200

Focuses on removing things that do not belong or are no longer need in the etheric field. These are usually brought in during incarnation, from the Monad or are acquired during your lifetime. Often found is etheric armour, non-functioning crystals, foreign debris, black spots, transtemporal traumas, addictions, illness... These will eventually manifest somehow at the physical level. Most commonly they are associated with aches and pain, illness, allergy, inflammation, arthritis and various syndromes. Once healed, physical improvement is quickly noted by most recipients. Multiple session are usually required, as the first session will allow for deeper problems to come the surface to be address in  a later session.(like the layers of an onion)

Starseed Healing - $175

Crystals, tuning fork and chime are used to cleanse, balance, heal and realign the energies and vibrations of the body. Ideal for post emotional release work that you may have done. An excellent supportive modality to the DNA Activation and post Etheric surgery work.

Unified Chakra Awakening -$175

The New Energy that is coming in to support humankind at this time required a new chakra system to incorporate and handle this energy. The problem is that it is not active in most people yet. As the old chakra system moves up to a higher level above the crown in the upper soul region, the new chakra system moved in. Through gentle tactile stimulation of various minor chakras, the new 2,418 chakra system is turned on. It is comparable to ensuring a few Xmas lights on the tree are functioning to have the whole tree illuminated. This modality can increase your light quotient by 30% by itself. If combined with the DNA Activation, there is potential for 80-99% light quotient.

Galactic Ray Healing - $175

The rays of Creation are brought down for your healing. These energies are channelled and used by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Ascended Masters Quan Yin, Saint Germaine, Sananda, Sanat Kumara and Jesus for your benefit. The energy is similar to receiving Reiki with an attunement so the energy will stay with you afterwards.

Curse Removal (simple) - $33

Removes negative energy and ill intent that was sent to you by an ordinary person. This energy "hangs out" in your energy field waiting to manifest in your life.

Curse removal can also be use for land.

House Clearing - $200 first hour, $25 per 15 minutes thereafter

House is purified, rooms are consecrated, energetic gridding is done to seal the house from outside energies, protection herbs are used. If ghost are present, they will be dealt with, whether it is one or many. These include Lost Souls, Nomads, and Spirits of Limbo.  If higher energy beings other that ghost are present, exorcisms fees will be discussed. Ideal time for a house clearing is prior to moving into a new place, after traumatic events, bad relationships,  a house that's is not selling despite being fairly valued, structurally sound, and well staged.   Children's "imaginary friends" are telling them bad things, glimpses of shadows, animals staring at walls growling, feeling of being watched, avoiding certain areas, night terrors, feeling of being pushed/poked, feeling ill at home but okay when away from the property... An average 3 bedroom home takes about 1hr to complete.

Land Clearing - to be determined after consultation

Exorcism as a Healing - $175

This is a Healing Modality, the sacrament is given and a ritual washing and anointing done. (NOT an exorcism)

Exorcism - Starting at $250

Removal of Higher energy beings. These beings are aware of the evil they are doing and will not return willing into the Light. They are the ones responsible for "demonic" obsession, oppression and possession. These entities must be bound to prevent afflicting others. This work is very dangerous and is reflected in the discussed fees. 

Poltergeist - $250

These are difficult to deal with as they can present as ghost, usually the case if a house clearing has failed.